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Really like it. (Archived)__Blight__25/28/2013
martin walker totally looks like (Archived)the_reaper84915/21/2013
Decision/Easter egg list??? (Archived)mrsims3125/16/2013
Spec Ops: The Twine (Archived)Vicaris15/4/2013
Those loading screens (spoilers) (Archived)IndyBoy18075/1/2013
Martin Sheen, and other people, both real and fictional *Spoilers, maybe* (Archived)Thyrfing8634/24/2013
The Chapter 12 helicopter/tower sequence on FUBAR... (Archived)gamewhooper18164/20/2013
Story questions (major spoilers) (Archived)LancetJades (M)54/19/2013
Worth getting? (Archived)MichaelCaine54/7/2013
Brilliant *spoilers* (Archived)Redid34/3/2013
In the end of the day, the story rocks but kind of sucks too. *spoilers* (Archived)Rev0luti0nN0w94/1/2013
Questions about the acheivements (Archived)SIvIart_USMC33/29/2013
ending questions minor spoilers (Archived)
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Play this game when you're exhausted. (Archived)badbadkitty53/16/2013
One thing I noticed replaying the game... *Spoilers* (Archived)NotQuiteAFreak23/15/2013
A few issues with the idea that walker was *spoilers* the whole time due to... (Archived)Rev0luti0nN0w23/14/2013
So let me get this straight ( spoilers ) (Archived)apolloooo83/5/2013
What's so great about this game? So far, it's nothing special. (Archived)
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Playing through a second time... I feel like they give away...*spoilers* (Archived)soothsayer77102/9/2013
Local Dubai Politician, End-Game Character Questions (SPOILERS) (Archived)
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