To everyone who is wondering if starkiller is a clone

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6 years ago#1
I for one don't think he is a clone. Couple reasons on the lucasarts site it doesnt actually say you are a clone it says vader tells you that you are a clone and there is a problem with you and that is why he can't strike down any proxy droid that takes the form of Juno. But it also says that Kota does not believe he is a clone. And also is everone forgetting about the game where EVERYTIME you kill a jedi that massive beam of light comes out? That is suppose to signify them becoming one wih the force. (in this game anyway) That DOES NOT happen when starkiller is "killed".
6 years ago#2
I am sorry to say but he has been confirmed as a clone by IGN who was told by lucasarts that he is I for one do not want this to be true but it is very very likely it is it is even in the latest gameinformer and the reason the one with the force effect does not occur is because starkiller had a little to much evil in his heart and those of evil do not become one with the force
6 years ago#3
OMG go read the latest GI and all that it says is he is told by vader but then in the very begging of the game there is ALOT of doubt raised if he is really a clone. And I GUARANTEE all that happend with IGN is that they were told vader tells starkiller he is a clone so they were just like oh hes a clone print that. And they completly ignored the fact that they said they raise doubt he is a clone. And here is what the GI article actually says and I quote" Approximatly 6 months have passed after the event of the first game, and Vader has a new pet project in the works in a secret cell of the cloneing facility: another starkiller. According to vader, the Jedi is just a clone of the original, but the story casts doubt on that assertion early on." end quote. So please tell me where does it confirm he is clone? LA has not confirmed one way or another if he IS or IS NOT a clone. And even on the lucasarts site it says about the same thing it does in GI and I would believe them before IGn cuz IGN is not making the game. They just didn't listen or they just didn't put the whole thing up.
6 years ago#4
Also by that point he did not have evil in his heart he had turned back to the light but once you are a sith it is hard to stay good. If he would have had evil in his heart he would have just kiled everyone and just stayed with vader and the Emperor
6 years ago#5
^Finally someone else who did their homework! I agree with this guy. The new trailer also raises more doubts considering this Galen(in the trailer) remembers everything while the clone is stated to have fragmented memories
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6 years ago#6
Also I was wondering (this may have no reference or anything just me thinking but tell me what you think) in the trailer it shows starkiller cut the lights and power and if you go to the lucasarts site it says that the power has been cut which makes them have to have the drids do everything manually with the clones. I was thinking maybe that is the same time starkiller is breakig out. Like the reason for the audio log where the guy is like we have lost power is cuz of starkiller. What do you think?
6 years ago#7
I meant droids not drids lol
6 years ago#8
a very well thought idea and very reasonable but for the debate over good and evil in starkiller is that the good won the fight in him but the evil is still there
6 years ago#9
level from the gameplay looks like Kamino if it is id have to go with cloning as kamino is where the emperor got is cloning technology also it only takes a couple months to grow a clone
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6 years ago#10
I think one thing to keep in mind is that all though he turned to the light side he's not a Jedi. This would explain why if he did in fact die in the first game there was no light or disappearing body. Whether or not he's actually a clone is something we'll have to wait and see.
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