If they release any DLC/Albums...

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I said that about Bowie, because obviously you hold his work closely to your heart.
I do in fact like Bowie too, I just really love the Broadway Cast Recording, I was trying to make you see it from my point of view of how stupid it is to say that, as Ziggy Stardust is amazing ^.^

Well none of you must be theatrically minded if you cannot appreciate the behemoth that is American Idiot, it was meant to be, the structure, clear narrative was begging to be brought to stage or film, I gather that some of you may understand this and actually refute the idea and hate the fact Green Day allowed it to happen, but what I meant by 'beautiful renditions' is that, they are in fact brilliant versions of the songs made specifically for ******* broadway, a wider audience, the critics and the public and FFS it must of worked and so do these versions and in that sense that is why they are beautiful.

Hell if you must, think of them as a mere separate entity to Green Day, bury your head and ignore the genius.

I lol'd.
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American Idiot = average album? :lol: Dude, get the HELL out of this forum. AI is BY FAR the best thing Green Day has ever made, and it EASILY deserved a broadway play, and the play is amazing.

C-Lee, I don't think I've ever agreed with anything you've said more than this.
GREEN DAY HAS THEIR OWN GAME!!! I TOTALLY ****ING CALLED IT!!! My life is now complete.
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Wolfwood1000 posted...

like hell its their best album. Kerplunk, Dookie, Insomniac, and Nimrod are all better

And it doesn't deserve to be a broadway play with as bad of a story as it has. Tommy deserved to be a broadway play. American Idiot doesn't
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No, American Idiot is their opus. There most ambitious album ever. and it has a great story... You probably don't even know the story do to your completely ignorant comments.

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If you think AI is the best Green Day album, its probably the first you listened to

If you listened to them at allb efore it came out, you would realize the others are better.

If you actually thought it deserved to be a Broadway play before it was even brought up by the band, you are just delusional
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Dookie is their opus

AI is a good album, but all of its singles (Besides September) absolutely suck (ESPECIALLY THE TITLE TRACK. ONE OF THE WORST SONGS THEY HAVE MADE)

One Hot Minute is RHCP's most ambitious album, but would you call it their best? No. Different =/= great

Story: Guy leaves town, goes to city, meets two people, dies. Hardly Broadway play worthy

Tommy, Ziggy Stardust, and The Wall all have better stories.
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You are BY FAR the most ignorant Green Day "fan" I've ever seen.

#1 Your statements about hearing albums first is a joke. For your information, I listened to Dookie and Nimrod before American Idiot, and AI is their best....

#2 I know PLENTY of elderly Green Day fans that grew up with Green Day, and agree that American idiot is their best work.

#3 American Idiot was one of the biggest/best albums of the entire decade. How the freaking heck did it not deserve a play?

#4 Dookie is not their opus. Not every song is amazing( In the End, Pulling Teeth)

#5 BOBD = song of the year in 2005, Holiday rocks, American Idiot is not bad at all, their worst single is Know Your Enemy. Jesus of Suburbia was a single... and it sucks? RIGHT!

#6 HAH! Proves your ignorant. The story of AI is a coming to age story. He does not meet 2 people, since JOS and St. Jimmy are the same person, and the story comes to a climax with Letterbomb. He does not "die", since he just kills off his St. Jimmy ego. The album ends with him going back home, and lamenting how he messed up with his situation with Whatsername.

I love how you just compared AI with some of the best albums ever.

GTFO kid.... You just got owned.
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If you listen to the album and don't realize that St. Jimmy and JoS are the same person, then you can't exactly criticize the story. At all.
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I am confused.
Is the rant about St. Jimmy and Jesus of Suburbia as the same character directed at me?

These are probably the best discussions I have ever seen on a games message board. lol
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1. Ok

2. All the Green Day fans I know of that listened to them before AIA liked their previous albums more

3. Sgt. Pepper's was one of the highest selling albums of all times. Did it deserve a movie? No. And AI is DEFINITELY NOT one of the best albums of the decade (Kid A, Two Against Nature, Elephant, Get Behind Me Satan, Pearl Jam, Songs for the Deaf, By the Way, Continuum, Sea Change, Black Gives Way to Blue, Brainwashed, Sing the Sorrow, Absolution, The Moon & Antarctica, Shadows Collide With People, Broken Boy Soldiers, and Love are all better and that's just off the top of my head)

4. Not every song on AI is good (American Idiot, Extraordinary Girl). Pulling Teeth is one of my favorite songs. The only song I could consider meh is Coming Clean

5. XFD no its not. Feel Good Inc, The Hand That Feeds, Beast and the Harlot, Blue Orchid, and My Doorbell are all better. Suburbia went on for far too long IMO

6. Still not deserving of BROADWAY. BROADWAY. Tommy is about how people clamber to religion and realize they don't need it, revealing it as a sham. The Wall is how isolation can destroy a person, even when he is at the top of the world

Kid? I'm probably older than you
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1 i first listened to most of american idiot bought this games now love dookie
2 no broadway crap i would just but more older stuff
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