Museum Torture Chamber (Catwoman)

#1WraithGirlPosted 11/10/2011 8:50:11 PM
Ok, so I'm in Catwoman's third chapter, and decided to hunt down all those trophies I found as Batman. Made my way to the museum, and inside the torture chamber, I run into a problem. No way to get around. I was able to get the trophy in the cage, but I can't get to the other one off to the far right near the armory nor to the two in the armory. How the heck do I get over there? Both rafts are by the iceberg lounge, btw.
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#2TheRobPosted 11/10/2011 8:55:30 PM
Climb under neath the walk way you enter at by holding the RT and pressing A near the edge, she should swing down underneath and you can crawl around upside down. There should be a hatch you can climb up through and from there you can leap to the ceiling and climb to the armory.
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