Which supervillains would make a cool boss battle?

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6 years ago#1
I'm thinking Mr Freeze would be an awesome boss fight. If he is like Arnie's Mr. Freeze then he can take on batman physically, and has awesome ice based weapons to wield against the bat. God I hope he is in this game!
6 years ago#2
You hope a neon-light wearing, ice pun telling, buffoon is in the game? O_o
6 years ago#3
I second the Mr. Freeze idea. Also the Penguin, with all his gadgets he could make a super epic boss fight (especially if it took place in his batman returns' lair, but I know that's just wishful thinking).
6 years ago#4
Jihad penguins ftw
6 years ago#5
Someone had an idea about not a boss fight, but an encounter with Penguin in the Iceberg lounge which I kinda liked the sound off. Which was basically Penguin ambushing Batman with his thugs inside th club on the dance floor. Would be cool to see lights going off and lasers all over the place as you lay the beatdown on some thugs and maybe a boss fight with Penguin on the lounges' roof.
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6 years ago#6
It's simple...

Clay Face. I'm always been fans of villains like him, like the T-1000

Ever since I saw him in the animated series I thought he could be really interesting to fight in a videogame. I'm glad they mentioned him, I just hope he at least shows up in his true form in this one.
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6 years ago#7
A well done fight with Man-Bat, possibly involving having to use the (newly acquired?) batclaw to hitch a ride and crash land him into some sort of hazard like a burning building
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6 years ago#8
man bat could make for an awesome Arial combat sequence (think ridley from metroid prime 3)
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6 years ago#9
Two face, mr. Freeze, killer croc and realy face him, when you beat him he shoots himslef with Titan and he gets x2 or x3 bigger
6 years ago#10
i kind of enjoyed the Killer Croc level. It was kind of creepy.
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