I am seriously losing faith in this community

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7 years ago#21
I stand corrected on my dates. For the 1st time almost 10 years I forgot a Batman fact. However Joker while he is the most known Batman villain, is still not integral to Batman's story. He isn't a prerequisite for a decent Batman story or a decent Batman game.
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7 years ago#22
i don't see the problem. joker can be #1 bad guy again as long as there are plenty or new side enemies to fight. i was disappointed you didn't have to fight clayface.
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7 years ago#23
A Clayface fight would have been awesome. Maybe this time around we'll get lucky ^_^
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7 years ago#24
Hey actually, multiplayer co-op option sounds sick. Maybe have the playable characters include Nightwing, Robin (The cool grown up Tim Drake one) ((Im a Robin fan)) and Batgirl. I mean if they can make a cool modern batman and joker and villians, those three shouldnt be hard.
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7 years ago#25
^ This.... a thousand times this. ^

Dick Grayson as Nightwing
Tim Drake as Robin
Barbara Gordon or Stephanie Brown as Batgirl (NO Cassandra Cain, god I hated that costume)
XBL GT: PerfektMachine
7 years ago#26
I think Two-Face should have the lead role and then in the very end, right before the final fight, Ta Dah! It was all Joker's plot and he is in control. Obviously give some extremely subtle hints for those of us that like to put ourselves in an actual detective mode.
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7 years ago#27
Nah, Joker shouldn't take all the credit.
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  3. I am seriously losing faith in this community

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