Released 25th of june??

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6 years ago#1
i know it has not been confirmed yet, but that is what it states on

wonder if that's true, if so they must have been hard at work well before the first was released!
6 years ago#2
Probably just another trailer :))
6 years ago#3
unless the WB site gives i date, i wouldn't trust any date given. you could probably trust gamefaq's date, whenever they give one, they usually give the right one.
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6 years ago#4
I Cannot wait for this game
6 years ago#5
sorry to tell... gamefaqs says 2011 so far
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6 years ago#6
Yeah, because gamefaqs knows all...

Knows when games are being released
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6 years ago#7
I'm really expecting to see it this year. Having said that, just wait for word from Warner Brothers. I'm sure they'll let us know something by no later than E3.
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  3. Released 25th of june??

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