Ideas about the new Joker Appearance (Spoilers)

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Batman Arkham Asylum was Mark Hamil's last act as Joker he already said that. So for that reason itself the joker in this game weon't be as good regardless. So I don't care how he looks its just the fact knowing Hamil won't be voicing him

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2. Listen to the trailer again and tell me it's not Hamill doing that laughter.
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starscream, thats not akrham, but a part of gotham city in which they moved to while the island is being fixed
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#13Starscream13Posted 2/28/2010 11:34:27 PM's been confirmed that Hamil will be voicing the Joker again (Come on like they would really go with someone else after AA)....and don't be shocked if he does the role again, even after the retirement announcement.
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mugen...that's what I'm talking about. Arkham has been moved to the city due to the island being wrecked.
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