Warner Bros buys rocksteady

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6 years ago#1

They were so pleased with this the 1st game, they decided to buy a huge chunk of Rocksteady.
Hope this doesn't mean WB is going to force Rocksteady to start making Batman games
for their movies... movie based games always suck.
6 years ago#2
Not necessarily. X-men origins wasn't that bad a game because they knew the story from the beginning and had 2 years to work on it. So if it was the same scenario it could turn out decent. But I think EA is still partnered with them for the movies.
6 years ago#3
Scratch that, appearantly that's why the dark knight game was never released. EA had only signed on for an 18 month contract, then 6 months into development they realized their contract was up. So maybe rocksteady will do the movie-based games.
6 years ago#4
I say don't maintain and common story between the movie and game. Keep them separate and both will be better for it.
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