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5 years ago#1
I was thinking of buying some 3D glasses to play through the game in 3D. However, I'm not wanting to spend too much for them and I didn't get the GOTY edition of Arkham Asylum.

Would a pair of generic red and blue/green and magenta glasses be sufficient (not sure which kind), or does it have to be the more expensive branded type? Thanks.
5 years ago#2
TriOviz INFICOLOR 3D is the type you need. They are a green/magenta type, however not the same as the green/magenta used in the Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D DVD. One the colors are slightly different and they are reversed.

That wiki article will tell you more about the different types of 3D using tinted lenses.

Best option:
The options I have found for getting the glasses so far are Amazon and buy a pair of plastic ones directly from TriOviz, it's the best quality and most comfortable, but it costs 30 bucks.
Next best option is:
After that you can buy paper ones, the above link is a manufacturer that will sell you the correct glasses, buy you have to buy a minimum of 50 (total cost for 50 was $37 dollars for me, your mileage may vary as they may change shipping rates depending on where you live). The bad part is you get 50 paper glasses when you only need one. The good news is you have extras if yours gets messed up or lost, if a friend wants to watch the 3D action while you play they can, and you can sell the spares on eBay for $2 each or so.
Last option, eBay. Last I looked there were 4 auctions for the paper glasses, they were all at a starting bid of 7.99, buy it now of 9.99 and shipping 3 dollars, ships from Canada. And it was only one pair of glasses in each auction. You could get the 50 pairs, sell a pack of 4/5 for 10 bucks, if anyone bit, you would start to recoup the cost of those glasses.

Also, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City are not the only games using this 3D, there is a movie that used it (I want to say it was Battle for Terra) and several other games (Captain America, Green Lantern, Enslaved, Thor, Assassin's Creed: Revelations). So if you are interested in any of those other games (Assassin's Creed), then you may want to get the good pair of glasses for the best experience (because everyone loves Assassin's Creed).
Most Men say, "Woman, without her man, is nothing!"
Most Women say, "Woman, without her, man is nothing!"
5 years ago#3
Thank you for replying and for the informative help.

I live on a budget so I'm not really wanting to spend more than I need to. I found these glasses on eBay, which while they do match the Green (L)/Magneta (R) as Inficolor/TriOviz, I'm not sure whether they would be suitable. Could you clarify that for me? Thank you very much.
5 years ago#4
That's a pretty nice price, and the picture matches the coloring you would need. I'm doubtful however that this pictures are correct. Why you ask?

Those are the glasses that came with Journey to the Center of the Earth, and the glasses you've linked to say they would work with that movie, but with the lens colored flipped, it would look horribad.

It's honestly a gamble. Since they aren't licensed TriOviz, the tint may be slightly off and thus cause some color distortion if the lenses are in the correct positions for TriOviz.

And lastly, I'd like to whip out my pretty toy, I love this Firefox extension even though I rarely use it since I never buy anything off eBay.
It's time to see what's wrong with the seller, it's eBay Negs!!&v=EBN-2.0.6

Hopefully that link works for you, if not I'll pull a few of the real juicy ones, sadly it seems the items sold that are being given feedback are all "private" so no idea what the item they are leaving it on is. But a lot of the negatives are for the same reasons:

shop elsewere everyone this is a scam shop..if anything is faulty u lost out. Oct-16-11
Cheap useless fakes - have informed trading standards adn eBay Feb-20-11
The item purchased is not as useful as anticipated Jan-15-11
Seller is misleading buyers with product image, description and title. Jan-06-11

As you can see, and there's plenty more if that link works for you, it should, there's a lot of people saying practically the same thing. Cheap product, not as pictured, misleading description.
So in parting, Caveat emptor, you get what you pay for, and redhead women are the hottest women.
Most Men say, "Woman, without her man, is nothing!"
Most Women say, "Woman, without her, man is nothing!"
5 years ago#5
Hi Thanks for that useful tool, will use it in future for any eBay purchases.

I ended up buying from a different user as they were selling more glasses for the same price. Using that tool you linked to, they seem to get good feedback mostly with any negative being for non-delivery. Just need to see what happens.

It's a gamble but if they don't work then I guess I'll just cut my losses and forget about it. Thanks for your help.
5 years ago#6
Goodluck, and please I'd like to know the quality of your glasses, I shelled out for the official specs from TriOviz, and some cheap Red/Cyan for Minecraft in 3D, and both Batman The Animated Series and Batman Beyond complete DVD sets a few hours ago.

My wallet hurts now.
Most Men say, "Woman, without her man, is nothing!"
Most Women say, "Woman, without her, man is nothing!"
5 years ago#7
Well the glasses I bought actually sent 3 different types: red/blue, magenta/green and circular polarised. I'm finding that the polarised ones are working best with Arkham City - adds depth to it and certainly an improvement on 2D. The other ones are a bit too strong for my liking.

Here's the link:
It's a UK seller, but 1.49 for postage to worldwide seems to be pretty reasonable.

Ack I'm happy with these ones for the time being. Arkham City's the only game I have with a 3D option, so I was curious about how it would work. Guess I'll be able to watch films in 3D too now as well.
5 years ago#8
... But the polarized ones do nothing. >_>

I'll let you know my impressions of the official glasses when I get them. I like the paper ones, but they are a bit uncomfortable and slip off easy.
Most Men say, "Woman, without her man, is nothing!"
Most Women say, "Woman, without her, man is nothing!"
5 years ago#9

Don't bother with any glasses other than the Trioviz kind...they don't work unless the GREEN is on the RIGHT EYE. Trioviz brand are unique to the 3D'less TV games like AC, Capt. Amer, Thor, etc. You can shell out $30 for the new kind, or $7 on ebay for the paper kind FROM TRIOVIZ...there are a bunch of people selling them on ebay I just got some.

5 years ago#10

can i play gears of war 3 3D with the trioviz glasses?

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