Triple ricochet on natural selection extreme WTF

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  3. Triple ricochet on natural selection extreme WTF
4 years ago#1
How do you do this the guys with helmets dont get knocked over?
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4 years ago#2
I did the following:

-As soon as the level starts, creep slowly out the doorway towards the sniper, and batclaw up to the gargoyle directly above you.

-With your darts, do a headshot on the sniper

-Riddler will alert the guards. Two regular henchmen and a helmeted henchman appear.

-Still sitting on same gargoyle, dart headshot the helmeted henchman

-Swing to a few opposite gargoyles to get on the one opposite the bridge

-Since you downed the helmeted guy, a third regular guy should come and they will be close enough together

-Ricochet them

-If you mess up here, just smake a guy with the stick to stun them, and alert people until you get a group together.
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  3. Triple ricochet on natural selection extreme WTF

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