Scanner won't activate. it equals unresponsive

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3 years ago#1
I don't know but, Anyone else have a problem where the scanner wont work? You can go into detective mode but you can't scan like you should be able to. I'm pretty sure it is not my controller. I tested another controller and it isn't responding on it either. If it is both controllers that have the problem then Microsoft makes crappy controllers. I doubt it is the controllers and I think maybe it is a glitch..
3 years ago#2
Describe how far you are in the story, the exact situation where it isn't working, and what buttons you are exactly pushing.
3 years ago#3
Let's see I am in the steel mill for the first time after Joker tried to blow me up in the church tower. Before I had entered the still mill I I tried to scan the scarecrow mask with hay uptop on the overpass bridge roof thing and it won't even read the riddle. I've played and beaten this game before and well, scan is just not working like it should work. I know it can't be both controllers.

I mean the LB button still works fine when I put in detective mode and press it to get out of detective mode, but when I hold it to scan and look at something such a riddle that can be solved by scanning it won't do crap. blah!
3 years ago#4
Hmmm...Even though you finished the game before, I wonder if you may have gotten through some parts without knowing the conditions that allowed you to get past them.

1. Have you received the notification to go back to the church and has the Riddler spoken to you after you re-entered the church? You can not scan any riddles until after you do so..

2. For me, I found I could not scan the scarecrow mask with the hay until AFTER I had interrogated a green-glowing Riddler thug that revealed the location of the riddle on my map. Is that Scarecrow mask marked on your map? If it isn't, then that is probably why.

If both conditions are satisfied and you still can't scan the Scarecrow mask, then I am not sure why.
3 years ago#5
you can't scan anything until you had your first run in with the Riddler, and he starts the hostage quest.
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3 years ago#6
^ I will take your word on that. Makes sense; so thanks.
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  3. Scanner won't activate. it equals unresponsive

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