Is there a good plot summary somewhere?

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3 years ago#1
I tried searching on these boards but couldn't find one.

I just finished my first playthrough, and I can't help feel lke I'm missing some plotpoints. I'd like to read through a story FAQ or plot summary. Can someone point me to such a thing?

My biggest questions are really around the cure. Why does the lazarus pit have anything to do with the titan blood poisoning. Why does Ra(sh)'s blood help develop a cure. He's been exposed to "the enzyme"? What enzyme?

Why doesn't joker take the cure? Why does he instead have Clayface impersonate him when the cure is seemingly in his grasp?

How does Alfred develop a cure? Side mission prompts Batman to go and pick up a cure - how could they have developed a cure? I obviously didn't do this side mission as I expected it was going to be a lengthy side quest that I didn't want to bother with.

What happens to Talia's body? Since he loves her, why does Batman bother with Joker's body at the end of the game when Talia's is seemingly nearby and she might even still be alive?
3 years ago#2
I found at least one summary
3 years ago#3
1. i believe TITAN was developed using the lazarus pit. so by being exposed to the lazarus pit for centuries, ra's has some of it's contamination within him, the enzyme.

2. talia took the cure as soon as harley entered the steel mill, thats why she's tied up. so joker never came close to recieving the cure, he just has clayface pretend he got it to raise his gang's moral and to further motivate/mess with batman. but clayface has been impersonating joker since before arkham city started. the side mission, its short, and kind of odd. but interesting.

4. its unknown what happened to talia. but its presumed that she's still alive. ra's body is gone and he's presumed alive and he had far worse injuries.
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  3. Is there a good plot summary somewhere?

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