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3 years ago#1

I'm fighting Mr. Freeze on a Hard Game +.

I'm doing pretty well, but where is the water puddle in which you can electrocute him? It is about the last thing I need to use on him and I just have no idea where it is (pretty hard to look for it while Mr. Freeze is breathing down your neck).

3 years ago#2
There are two switches on either side the lower wall the puddle touches. If you hold your generic batarang out it should lock-on to a switch. Lure him into the puddle and throw the batarang. I just finished that fight on new game + a couple mins ago. I didn't know I would have to figure out 10 ways to take him down! On normal he was cake.
3 years ago#3
Thanks, I know how the puddle setup works from descriptions in earlier posts.

Basically I need a specific description of where the puddle is in the room. I can't look for it while I am fighting Mr. Freeze.
3 years ago#4
mn_Marsbar posted...
Basically I need a specific description of where the puddle is in the room.

Search youtube for this NG+ fight. It is pretty likely they end up using the puddle, and then you can see exactly where it is located.
3 years ago#5
Puddle location: right in the middle of the room. A small staircase leads down to it and it is near an explodable wall. Batman will splash in it as you walk through it. Alternatively, activate one of the switches and see where the electricity shows up or go into detective mode and see where the lines run from the switches.
3 years ago#6


Thank you.

3 years ago#7
You are welcome. Also, something cool I figured out this fight that was new to me was that you could throw a batarang at the ice sculptures of Nora spread throughout the level and Freeze will go to them making for an easy sneak attack, though you can only attack him once before he defends it. Sneaking up on him is easy anyway, but this adds some flare to it.
3 years ago#8

Thanks guys. Beat him today. I did have to use the puddle. Can't believe I never noticed that puddle before!!!

After you get used to how Mr. Freeze follows your footprints and use this to your advantage, this challenge is much easier. That and knowing all the takedowns at your disposal.

3 years ago#9
im on my third playthrough mainly because I want another new game+ for the big head mode grundy action that I apparently missed.
I was wondering if Mr freeze has a big head in big head mode.

(I know it sounds like a stupid question, its just that he already has a huge helmet anyway)
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