Riddler Trophy glitch

#1Dmon14Posted 4/30/2012 1:29:04 PM
This is the second time now I've played through the game to get all of the trophies, but the trophy behind Bane's hideout, (the one with the 6 red Riddler switches, which requires the line launcher to reach the trophy) always messes my game up.

The problem is, whenever I reload the game after any length of time and/or several save points, that trophy disappears from my collection. That is to say, my total number out of 440 Riddler challenges decreases by one (eg was 201/440, but when I reload the game 200/440). When I return to where the trophy was, it's still gone, so the game clearly considers that trophy has been collected.

I have a save where the only thing left to do is get that one trophy, all the others have been collected, the map doesn't show anything left to collect and all the areas (eg Museum challenges/GCDP challenges etc) are completed.

I thought this might've been patched by now, as this was a problem for me only a few weeks after the game came out. Obviously it hasn't affected every copy or lots of people would be complaining.

Anyone else had this problem, or a possible solution?
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I am being totally sincere when typing this. Because the same thing happened to me with Knights on Assassins creed.

Dude... I feel your pain.
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#3TheodenPosted 5/3/2012 4:15:09 AM(edited)
These sorts of problems with collectibles are rarely "glitches".

Almost always, the player has done something wrong, like getting one collectible mixed up with another, looking in the wrong place, or forgetting something.

But it's human nature to conclude the game is at fault, rather than oneself.
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I thought that the first time I did it, so in my second playthrough I made a beeline for that trophy as soon as I can, ignoring any others. I check which Riddler challenge has been checked off of the menu when I pick it up.

When I reloaded the save, the checkmark and the trophy are gone, and the trophy total reduces back to as if I had never picked up the trophy.
But the trophy is still gone, and the Red switches are still active, but stepping on them does nothing, it doesn't even shut the cage where the trophy used to be.

Besides deleting my cache, or reinstalling my DLC there's nothing else I can do. I'm not particularly bothered right now, as i'm patient enough to hope there's a patch or something before i delete my whole cache, as I play a lot of games offline, and certain issues may come up when you load saves made in different title updates, eg Skyrim.
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lol I'm gonna steal that response and use it to troll people

it's just too perfect