I wish there was a Mr. Freeze fight where you had to use EVERY takedown

#1xtreemmasheen3k2Posted 12/30/2012 2:27:18 AM
I found the Mr. Freeze fight really fun because you were forced to use a variety of moves to take him down. But I was disappointed that it was only a few hits.

Anyone else wish there was a Mr. freeze Fight where you had to use EVERY version of a takedown to beat?
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#2gjwade22Posted 12/30/2012 6:19:52 AM
Mini spoiler

In new game + you have to use every takedown, but 1 to beat him. Definitely a fun experience.
#3SiN13Posted 12/30/2012 2:54:06 PM
I still wish the Mister Freeze fight and Mad Hatter had been released as challenge maps.
#4Squid0039Posted 1/9/2013 1:44:59 PM
I seriously loved the Mr. Freeze fight on new game+. I wish I could play the story regularly but have just the Mr. Freeze fight be the new game+ difficulty.
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#5Death CommanderPosted 1/13/2013 1:34:53 PM
More fights should have a boss that actually pays attention to how you're beating it and reacts accordingly.
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