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Irony or something. (massive spoilers) (Archived)chadchu1110/17 8:42PM
Zsasz Mission Wont End (Archived)mtureck210/4 2:31AM
In retrospect, how do you feel about Arkham City's UI? (Archived)Vampmoose19/23 2:59PM
Today is the first Monday of September, so we start it off... (Archived)angeldeb8229/3 5:04PM
Today we celebrate the dog days of summer on the feast of St. Roch... (Archived)angeldeb8228/18 1:19PM
Any one catch the easter egg for the 89 batman movie? *spoilers* (Archived)nnytherkiller27/9/2014
Happy 4th of July from Calendar Man! (Archived)angeldeb8217/4/2014
Do the inmate tapes carry over? (Archived)rdh8026/27/2014
How do I scan stuff? (Archived)Michele6826/19/2014
Happy Father's Day from Calendar Man! (Archived)angeldeb8226/15/2014
Game of the Year Edition (Archived)bungiefan36/8/2014
dlc codes ? (Archived)shaoarapah26/3/2014
Help! Please! "unusual angle" on Wonder Tower (possibly spoiler) (Archived)bustedbrain46/3/2014
Which Arkham game is tougher on new game plus? (Archived)Mayday66/3/2014
where do I get a new joker's challenge map code? (Archived)Spire8846/3/2014
Catwoman Loot Searching Trouble *SPOILERS* (Archived)TotalSellout26/3/2014
Deadshot and Zsasz BEFORE final boss? *SPOILERS* (Archived)_Shuyin_75/11/2014
Happy Mother's Day from Calendar Man! (Archived)angeldeb8215/11/2014
Pay Your Respects (Archived)
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Are the DLC character packs worth it? (Archived)Stonedwolfed65/4/2014
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