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What the heck is going on in this game? (Archived)wild09107/23/2013
Can I get all the Riddler trophies and riddles on NG+? (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz27/23/2013
How do you do all the Combat and challenge medal achievements? (Archived)CJKyle8627/22/2013
Trying to glide 30 meters over water (Archived)airtamis107/22/2013
In order to save all the riddler prisoners do u need.... (Archived)Homie_20227/22/2013
Are the regular and GOTY editions compatible? (Archived)DG1up27/19/2013
cat women mission (choice about batman) spoilers (Archived)Leonman0147/19/2013
I need help with the hot and cold side mission. (Archived)AmazingBatman27/18/2013
Just bought GOTY edition, going for 100%. (Archived)CJKyle8647/18/2013
which batman game was longer (story mode only) (Archived)Leonman0137/18/2013
Need help with a Catwoman trophy (Archived)NBAmaster3327/17/2013
Whats the best DLC (Archived)webbydan47/15/2013
Is it me or are the predator rooms a lot worse in this game? (Archived)HHH is the game57/15/2013
Question about the line launcher (Archived)AmazingBatman77/13/2013
Need help with the last Catwoman mission. (Archived)jerrbear6447/13/2013
my biggest problem with this game... (Archived)
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City: GOTY Vs. City: Ultimate Edition (Archived)Moltamio97/13/2013
Worth Playing AA after AC? (Archived)GamerNorCal47/10/2013
Too late for Watcher in the wings? (Archived)dcarp3177/9/2013
Catwoman code? (Archived)mbj794447/9/2013
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