How The Hell Do You Change Skins?

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5 years ago#1
I've beaten the game on Normal, selected Continue, turned the game on and off completely, and looked through all the options. I cannot find, nor have I been presented with an option to change skins. The only thing I've found is when I go to the challenge maps I can choose a different skin for Catwoman, but no option for Batman. This is really getting aggravating.
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5 years ago#2
you have to download the dlc
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5 years ago#3
If you never downloaded any of the extra skins for Batman, they won't be available. Extra skins came with certain promotions or pre-orders of the game, and they all will be available to buy and download in the PSN store in December.
5 years ago#4
Any way to get those skins now? I hate the default look (really, really hate it). Would they be included in the cases at Walmart/Gamestop/wherever, or were they receipt-style codes?
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5 years ago#5
I would like to know also. I have the dark knight skin and was wondering if I could use it right away in story mode.

Also, can someone kind enough list all the batman skins and how to get them? Would be much appreciated.

I'm with redphoenix. I really hate the default batman skin also.
5 years ago#6
You can't use them until NG+
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5 years ago#7
Are skins shareable?
5 years ago#8
Okay. I see what I did, or didn't do rather. I had entered the codes, but I hadn't actually downloaded the skin. It was after 1am and I hadn't had much sleep, hehe.
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5 years ago#9
TylerGamer84 posted...
I did download a skin, before I even started the game in fact. I have the Animated Series one from pre-ordering with GameStop.

Ratfoot0 posted...
You can't use them until NG+

How far do I need to get into NG+? I've saved Catwoman so far.

you need to have the batsuit then back out to the main menu and there is a option somewhere im not sure where
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5 years ago#10
"you have to download the dlc"

not sure if that's true since the game has character skins that unlock. for catwoman they are dlc (since she is dlc, by definition, so her skins would be too). for batman i don't know.
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