The Decision: When Catwoman ha the two cases....

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5 years ago#1
What would have happened if you decided not to save Batman? I feel like I shouldn't have saved him lol. It gave us a choice.
5 years ago#2
If you dont save him, the game ends and the credits roll. You then hear Oracle sending a transmission for however hears it saying how Joker killed everyone, that he had won and there is not a single person that can stop ends with her asking for help.

Then the game rewinds and sends you back to choose the correct way XD
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5 years ago#3
Anyone have a link to the gameplay of this? I want to see the choice i didn't take ughhh
5 years ago#4
Is their a youtube link? I wish i chose this!
5 years ago#5
You can replay any catwoman chapter from the main menu you know. Her 3rd chapter isn't really all that long.
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5 years ago#6
I wish it was like Portal 2 and be given a trophy for choosing the bad option, like "No shellfish for this cat" or something horribly punny as that.
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5 years ago#7
As someone already stated, you can replay that missian whenever you want. Why watch aa YouTube video when you can see the credits yourself in 720p? ;-)
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5 years ago#8
It's nothing special... you literally walk out a door into a stairwell and the credits roll (which they don't allow you to skip)
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5 years ago#9
Very disappointed with the bad ending.....I was hoping to see more of the outcome.
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5 years ago#10
I also wondered this, TC!
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