Holy Crap, the Final Campaign is so Annoying!!!

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3 years ago#1
Three extreme predator challenges in a row made even more unbearable by those damn penalty medals.

I can do the middle challenge "Natural Selection" no problem but "Police Brutality" & "End of the Line" are impossible with those medals...especially the time-limit one.

I tend to save the booby trapped vantage medal for "End of the Line" since you need the gargoyles in the first two challenges. End of the Line is near impossible without the gargoyles...any suggestions Bat-people?
3 years ago#2
I suggest looking it up on youtube. F*** those campaigns. Trying to do Robin's now, I hate it.
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3 years ago#3
You actually don't need the vantage points (gargoyles) on Police Brutality. It's rather easy to just run away from the enemies' line of sight until they eventually lose track of you. You'll probably take a few bullets but you will eventually get the hang of it. Generally speaking, use as many difficult modifers as you can on the first event, since you have unlimited retries. Make the last two events as easy as possible.
3 years ago#4
Yeah, it's total hell. Seriously, why would Batman save the Jammer guy for last? We all know Bats would ice that chump first.

'I'm Batman... I'm Ba..." (Gets shredded by gunfire)
3 years ago#5
Unlimited retries in level 1. Gotcha.

I only know 2 hiding spaces in"End of the Line": The wooden wall & the small vent in front of the floor grates.

My biggest enemy is the time medal. I make too many mistakes trying to refill the timer, lol.

Thanks for the tips.
3 years ago#6
I feel your pain. With Batman, it's manageable. With Catwoman, it's almost unbearable. It's the only campaign I have left to do with her. Haven't tried it yet with Nightwing and Robin. Why Rocksteady, WHY!?!
3 years ago#7
The hardest campaign event I endured was Catwoman's "Top of the World (Extreme)". Needing to leave the jammer guy until last was awful. Nightwing's "End of the Line (Extreme)" wasn't fun either. One tip I have for it though is this: Right after the match begins, run forward and go to the right. Once you reach the first pillar, you should hear a thug say "What?", or "Huh?", or "What the?"...you know, something to indicate that he caught a glimpse of you. Wait behind the pillar for about a second, and then crouch-walk forward and quickly get in the floor grates. If you did it correctly, you should be in there without any thugs running at you. They should still all be unaware of your presence. Wait there until the 0:47 second mark of the clock, at which point the thug with the jammer will get in range for you to do a floor grate takedown on him. Once you do, run for the little hole in the wall that should be ahead of you, and hide there.

In case you need to see what I mean, watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=t7AxS-uti04#t=43s
3 years ago#8
End of the Line Extreme for Batman isn't too hard, but with the other three characters it's insane. As Batman I just use gargoyles or floor grates to sneak toward the sniper at the opposite end of the room from the starting point, then either glide down or creep around to the hole leading up to the sniper. You might be spotted but once you're in the room you're relatively safe. From there you just blast the sniper with the REC and that's a medal right there. To be safe, drop down to cling to the edge of the trapdoor if you're in danger of being spotted after an attack. I just camp there and spam either the REC or the Batclaw to knock other thugs off of railings or train cars until only the jammer guy is left. Try luring him to a position in which he has to climb a ladder to access you and be waiting with the REC. Blam, the other two medals, one guy.

I'm not a big fan of the Campaigns. I've said this in other threads but I like the idea of a three-map mini-mission involving the same maps, only the objectives should be different and they should end with a boss encounter on the third map as a reward for doing the campaign, like Strange waiting for you on Top of the World or Joker in the Funhouse. Stuff like smashing all three terminals of Penguin's jammer device on End of the Line before knocking out all the guys, saving one guy for interrogation in Combat, or luring guards away from hackable terminals so you can use the sequencer would be preferable to just doing the same stunts again.
3 years ago#9
RedHawk4 posted...
You actually don't need the vantage points (gargoyles) on Police Brutality.

What? Isn't one of the requirements that you break through the glass and string up the guy on the gargoyle? I thought it was. That's the first thing to do.

Anyway, it's not as bad as you think, TC. I don't remember exactly all the bs to this, but I do remember that you should put the time limit on police brutality as that's first, right? And it's the easiest.

I don't remember Natural Selection, but you said that's the easiest so...

End of the Line is very easy and here's why. If you told me the requirements I'll tell you better, but you gotta keep the radio guy last, shoot a guy with the REC, right? And.....? Is that where you have to knock a guy back down the ladder? If it is, you'll get that last two in one.

First when the match starts, crouch and walk straigt and then to your right. You should end up going a small flight of steps. Just follow along the wall and you'll pass one column and then I think at the 2nd one you have to stop to let a guard pass, been a while. Or do you not have to stop?

ANYWAY, keep going into the open vent. As you go through the vent you should see the radio guy jump down right in front of you. Let him walk and come out the vent and go into and through the train to the radio guy's right. You'll be right under the sniper. Go up there and take him out.

The rest is easy. Other guards will stand one the train so you can shoot them with the REC, others will walk across the bridge in front of you, (you should still be up there where the sniper was) so you can use the grapple hook and pull them over. In fact, you should do this to the other sniper as he will always walk across the bridge.

Take out everyone except the radio guy. Just to let you know, the remote control batarang owns this level. If a guard is on the train, just throw it, speed it up, and knock him off. Instant KO.

Once the radio guy is by himself, take out his gun so he can't shoot it, go to the top of the trains, plant the explosive gel by one of the ladders and try getting the guard to climb up it, (by getting caught of course). He comes up, boom. Done.
3 years ago#10
Note that I was not talking about Batman when I mentioned that you don't need the vantage points in Police Brutality. I was only referring to the other characters.
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