Anything new for Catwoman?

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I've haven't been here for too long and donno what's actually new so the question is, Is there any new DLC for Catwoman..any side missions for her??


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I can't think of anything more they can do for her story. She's done. They definitely could have made it longer, but we're pass that point.
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Yeah I would've liked an extra episode or something that has her go through Crime Alley and the Ace chemicals rooftop and realize who Batman is actually. Or maybe actually let her talk to people other than super-villains.
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I would have loved to see an extra episode that focuses on her relationship with Batman which they hardly explored in the game, with her maybe discovering who he is. Maybe she might crop up in Harley Quinn's revenge.
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I'd love to see her fight Batman when he catches her in the middle of a burglary. It'd be sweet to have two freeflow combat characters duke it out on a rooftop.