PETITION: Bring back Arleen Sorkin for Arkham 3

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3khc posted...
ZechsPeacecraft posted...
You don't know there is going to be a prequel game. Sorry for the confusion

Nah, you were clear, brah. I think the other guy was just being an ass.

Umm, no. Actually, I missed that hence the confusion but thanks for throwing in your 2 cents.

And while it hasn't been officially announced, it is "expected" (whatever that means) to be a prequel about the Joker and Batman's first meeting.. If that is the case, I highly doubt they will include Harley in the story but..who knows..?
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Arleen Sorkin is a necessity, just like Kevin Conroy & Mark Hamill. Tara Strong filling in is like Zakk Wylde trying to cover Yngwie Malmsteen (if there are any fellow guitarists reading this), and it annoys me every time she opens her mouth. Maybe it shouldn't be such a big deal to me, but it is.
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Honestly, and I know I said it already, I don't find Harley a good character at all (Generally and in these games, I like the idea of her but she just comes off so unbelievably asinine). She is unbelievable stupid, and yet is capable of running an entire criminal organization? Just leave her out and make some room for Black Mask or more Bane or anyone who actually presents a threat to Batman.
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