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Just read the Arkham City comics (Archived)tssc_218210/8/2011
New York Toys R Us Times Square Event (Archived)bigblue80410/8/2011
Best Buy In NYC (Archived)bliss1085110/8/2011
Can I preorder at Best Buy in person for Robin? (Archived)
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Traversing the city? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Grab the game... (Archived)NezrubBehemoth110/8/2011
The Whole Games Master Review Summarizied. (Archived)VengfulPlatypus710/8/2011
Rocksteady should do some pirate game next. (Archived)dg440610/8/2011
Are all characters usable in all challenge maps? (Archived)TiO_GeR810/8/2011
Pre-ordered and paid off tonight. (Archived)SolidSnake6785910/8/2011
anyone who has to work or go to class taking the day off when this comes out (Archived)
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trophies...but one small part bugs me. and SPOILERS (Archived)magiceddie05910/8/2011
Would you consider this a good idea? (preorder topic) (Archived)pburgh36810/8/2011
Writer Paul Dini says Superman should be next for Rocksteady (Archived)
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Hugo Strange (Archived)slyguy65210/8/2011
My girl says she'll go to the midnight release with me dressed as Catwoman ... (Archived)
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When are they gonna make a game similar to the batman and robin movie? (Archived)
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Who here has gotten the platinum for Batman Arkham Asylum? (Archived)
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Was browsing the Images for the game.... (Archived)flameforce3410/8/2011
Sorry if old but ... Mad Hatter and Ivy Confirmed!!! Link inside ... (Archived)Grizzle1981910/8/2011
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