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Anything I should know for a first playthrough?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
MikeH7186287/22 9:14PM
Every hacked score on the leaderboards needs to be removed and the users banned.Kurgan77777/17 10:21PM
My favorite SD review(er) so farJackson777787/15 9:28PM
Face level 10 and Master Negotiator clothing set???Kurgan77757/5 7:47PM
City on Bing's website today.lastrocker47/1 10:59AM
Sleeping Dogs on PS4/Xbone this November?barticle67/1 10:54AM
Do you ever park your motorcycle in your apartment? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Jackson7777166/11 1:48AM
Sleeping Dogs Triad Wars announced @ E3 2014? (Archived)ShinCougar26/11 1:45AM
Sleeping Dogs or True Crime: Hong Kong? (Archived)Sierra_Alpha26/3 1:04PM
Success! Level 10 Triad earned at the end of regular game play (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Jackson7777366/1 8:29PM
I just bought this game for $3.71 from Gamefly (Archived)solardestructon45/30 7:39AM
end game question (Archived)kenpachi9935/17 5:29AM
Night(mare) in North Point goes by quickly (Archived)Jackson777795/12 7:08PM
Need a decent B-class car for racing (Archived)Uglyface224/27 9:04AM
Evading the police (early... hell, it barely qualifies as spoilers) (Archived)Uglyface274/3 4:07PM
Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars (Archived)Jackson777783/28 3:27AM
Thinking about replaying this now that I'm nearly finished GTA V. (Archived)Ernst_Junger33/20 4:48PM
Ratface "glitch" in Mrs Chu mission (spoilers) (Archived)Jackson777713/13 5:25PM
why isnt this on the xbone? (Archived)Izzythewinner23/13 1:03PM
Web Badges (Archived)Chisoka43/10 11:49AM
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