How do I raise my Face?

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I dont understand the Face thing, I cant buy clothes or cars because im not Face 3 or whatever.
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Talk to people that have a yellow icon above them. they will ask for a favor and just complete it. Fight in the fight clubs, massive face for first time through. Street racing adds a lot too. Going on the dates will also increase it. Singing karaoke at Club BAM BAM raises it.
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Do missions, favors, etc. As soon as you can buy some shades, watches, chains, bracelets and such that give you a face exp bonus and go do the fight clubs, those give you a ton of face.
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How do i partake in street races? I havent found them yet.
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Oh and the fight clubs, I cant find those either,
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Fight club is by the dojo where you turn in the statues. In order to build face just run around town until you see the yellow markers pop up on your map, then go there and do easy missions. REAP BENEFITS.
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So I guess street races and fight clubs are later in the game? Im still pretty early I am just now doing my first or second Blue mission.
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k41m posted...
Oh and the fight clubs, I cant find those either,

Keep playing. They'll show up as long as you're doing story and cop missions.
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Also you'll eventually come to be able to do drug busts. It's always a three part step. The first part is to beat up the people on that area, and you get face for that.

The second which is hacking and third which is surveillance does not increase your face, but it will raise your cop exp.