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Night(mare) in North Point goes by quickly (Archived)Jackson777795/12/2014
Need a decent B-class car for racing (Archived)Uglyface224/27/2014
Evading the police (early... hell, it barely qualifies as spoilers) (Archived)Uglyface274/3/2014
Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars (Archived)Jackson777783/28/2014
Thinking about replaying this now that I'm nearly finished GTA V. (Archived)Ernst_Junger33/20/2014
Ratface "glitch" in Mrs Chu mission (spoilers) (Archived)Jackson777713/13/2014
why isnt this on the xbone? (Archived)Izzythewinner23/13/2014
Web Badges (Archived)Chisoka43/10/2014
very good game i hope they make it as a series of games (Archived)famos_ga23/9/2014
I am the worlds worst cop. (Archived)Geist63/9/2014
Mission Score Glitch (Archived)neopokefan73/7/2014
What are your mission scores? Wanna share tips on how to score more on missions? (Archived)Jackson777762/18/2014
level 10 triad (Archived)ooStuStu42/17/2014
Quick Question About the Ending (Archived)okaba0032/15/2014
How can I back out of the Jade Statue practice sessions ? (Archived)VasDeferens52/13/2014
There's just one thing, ONE THING, I would change about this game. (Archived)
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Tips for The Funeral Triad Rank 3 (Archived)
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Getting 1000gs *spoilers* (Archived)
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"Fast Girls" (Archived)Jackson777762/10/2014
I feel like i shouldnt even be asking this question but... Women? (Archived)joegt12342/7/2014
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