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Do I get to go on top of roofs and skyscrapers? (Archived)Rawe48/31/2013
Amanda`s mission (Archived)PHILIP_POT28/18/2013
Drug Busts - How To Deal With Those Big Guys..... (Archived)Skynet8299768/5/2013
light up the night stat (Archived)sajtosbob27/29/2013
One of Tran's missions glitched? (Archived)Bofur2227/26/2013
Buried Alive mission deleted my save! (Archived)duality4817/20/2013
north point lock box help (Archived)BloodySeraphim27/15/2013
Are any of the DLCs worth it? (Archived)GuerillaGorilla27/13/2013
Which DLCs are mission/story based? (Archived)sphanlon27/12/2013
I bought the Velocita sports car and it kinda sucks >____> (Archived)gna64727/2/2013
Can someone gives me some combat tips?I am getting my ass kicked! (Archived)Safer_77726/28/2013
Triad Level 8 - 4 Missions left, chances that I could get to level 10? (Archived)_LordAndSavior36/26/2013
Can't level select? (Archived)Keez200716/25/2013
I shouldn't be dying this early (Archived)Gamecube_Gamer46/18/2013
I have 500 msp, should I get Zodiac and Year of the Snake? (Archived)Brucebee66/16/2013
Cop jobs spotter glitch (Archived)SuperVegito248736/16/2013
DLC not installed? Help please (Archived)Shinwufang236/16/2013
Don't know much about this game but was thinking of buying it, some questions. (Archived)_LordAndSavior96/15/2013
Bug Popstar Lead 3 Spoilers for that mission obviously (Archived)SuperVegito248726/13/2013
Are there story mode races where you can get stuck if you can't win? (Archived)sphanlon66/9/2013
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