How is this game? Recommended? Or only if I really liked the movie??

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In order:
The game is fun, and for 30 dollars, that's good enough for me.
Possibly, the game is fun, but nothing amazing. The multiplayer is cool, but pretty dead (on the PS3 at least, that's the version I got, so I don't know how the online community is on 360, but I assume it's pretty dead as well), however, you CAN play non-lightcycle maps with bots, and get exp and gain levels doing so. The single-player so far is fun, but nothing amazing, as I've said, and that's two levels in, but it's enjoyable so far.
This is is tough. I AM a fan of the movies, so it's tough to say. Are you not into the movies? In either case, look up some gameplay vids, and read some main reviews, like IGN's and Gamespots, and see how much you can get the game for, and make the call. That's all I can really say.
I wouldn't get it for more than 30, I'll say that much.
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Alright. I'll look into it more.

Thanks for the answer!
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If you enjoy Prince of Persia style gameplay, it's fun.

I agree with Justice, the game isn't worth much, but if you can rent it or get it for cheap, it's enjoyable.
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dude I ******* LOVE POP. One of my fav games.
But yea i watched some videos and it didnt look very interesting. Soo i think im gonna skip out. haha