Priest vs Bishop?

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User Info: AzureMinor

5 years ago#1
Is there any point to having a priest instead of a bishop?

It looks like the Bishop gets the spells a few levels later and might level more slowly... And the priest gets a skill to help against undead enemies. Is that all? Is there any other advantage to keeping a priest?
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User Info: Astroshak

5 years ago#2
Turn Undead is a handy enough ability that it is a good idea to keep a Priest around. I'm running around with a Priest and a Bishop, and they're both rocking (though I messed up by making the Bishop a Gnome instead of a Dwarf).

If I had to drop someone to make room for a Bishop, I'd drop a Mage.

User Info: glenn3e

5 years ago#3
Correct. Mages are the one who is useless late game. Priests can frontline and use certain equips that Bishops can't but Mages can't do anything a Bishop can't.

User Info: Shybaason

5 years ago#4
hey now Boost magic has it's uses <.<

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