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6 years ago#1
Grannyplayer, I'm sure by the question you asked, you were able to get through the first door, however, I'm stuck. How do you get through the first door. I didn't locate any plates to go over to open the door, are they on the wall? Or, where are they? Thanks for the help.
6 years ago#2
I'm not sure whether you literally mean the "first door" which is beside the save fountain or the one that comes next (which is where I was stuck) .

To open the literal first door Prince has to make his way around both walls that lead to the fountain on a central ledge directly opposite the starting point. On each wall (to the left and right of the fountain) there is a pressure plate with nearby hazards (saws or arrow traps or both). I had to use a lot of spheres and hooks to get to those 2 plates which activate a puzzle door right by the fountain.

Beyond the puzzle door is an opening to a lower level with a ready-made sphere and (I think) a pair of spitting blossoms. That part was easy. Prince lands where my question referred to - on a ledge with a pressure plate he stands on to open the door directly ahead, at the end of a short corridor with spike mats and arrow traps, with a moveable pedestal close at hand.

If Prince pushes the pedestal onto the first spike mat (stay directly behind the pedestal), the spikes don't emerge. While the pedestal is still on the spike mat, climb over it to land on the small bit of floor between the first and second spike mats.

Do the same with the second (double wide) spike mat. At the end of the second mat, place Prince on one side of the pedestal so that he uses the pedestal as a shield between himself and the first arrow trap. He has to alternate which side he stands on to shield himself from the alternating directions of the arrow traps.

When I did it, he was injured when pulling the pedestal off the second set of spike mats in preparation for shielding himself from the arrows. so I probably messed up and didn't do it right. When he drags the pedestal into the next large room there is yet another pressure plate where the pedestal must sit to cause part of the floor to retract - opening the way to a still lower area.
6 years ago#3
You know you can drag the pillar across the spike traps in one go, right? You just have to drag it along by its side rather then push or pull it.
6 years ago#4
I knew I'd done something wrong because I managed to injure Prince in the process. It was quite clear that if I'd done it right, he'd have been unscathed.

Thanks for the clarification - which I will use in my second play through. I'm glad you point out where I went wrong so I can try to do better next time.

At the moment, I'm mostly trying to get through the whole game once, to complete as many HCs as possible, and to have a better grasp of everything from battle strategies to the many and various uses of creation powers.

This has turned out to be a game with so many layers that I'll be exploring the nooks and crannies of it for years!!!
6 years ago#5
Thank you both for the update. I was trying to be proactive and went down to the bottom via hooks and sphere's so that I could check that area and then I just went up on the otherside the same way. However, I wasn't prepared for the blocked door. I thought that there would be plates there to open the door. I should have known better. Thanks again for your help.
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