Stuck in the Challenge of Humility

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6 years ago#1
I'm in the main room and have gone past the first save fountain, thank goodness, and I'm on a tall platform with spheres going around in circles above the Prince. Where do I go from here? I've tried everything I can think of to go forward and get to the cow or bull? Can anyone give me some help, I sure would appreciate any help. Thanks
6 years ago#2
I'm going from memory, not from notes, so I can't be as precise as I'd like. But if you're where I think you are, look toward the direction of the statue thing you're trying to get back to. In other words, you're trying to get back to where you started this area. There will be an enormous rotating circle of (haoma?) and a moderately small stone floor/platform beyond it. Jump to reach that platform. (good luck with that - it took me more than one attempt.)

On the left is a wall - create a hook and jump to it. (this next bit is foggy in my memory). I know you have to wall run to the right on that wall. At some point you have to jump to a wall on the other side. I killed Prince about a dozen times before I figured out that "opposite wall" was there!!!

I'm pretty certain that the route to follow beyond that point will become clear as you go along. If it became clear to ME, it must be glaringly obvious!!!

Wish I could be more specific, but my game notes for that area are pathetically bad (something I hope to complete properly during my current play through)

I also hope I've remembered correctly!!!
6 years ago#3
Thank you for your response, however, I'm at the point where there is a rotating stone in the wall and there is a platform with a plate on it (I stepped on it and it rotated the island in the middle), which is where I'm trying to get over to the other area beyond. The floating island in the middle is covered with the red plague and of coarse, you can't produce a whirlwind to help you to the other side. This is where I'm stuck. I'm sure that there is a simple solution, but, I don't know what it is. Maybe my better discription of where I am will better assist you with an inspirational reply. Thank you for your help and assistance.
6 years ago#4
I really don't have a clear recollection of how to get past that bit.

Maybe it's one of the several areas where the solution is to jump forward, create a sphere, and then either another jump to your destination or jump to a surface where you can create a hook while still in the sphere??? Or possibly a whirlwind while still in the sphere??

Are you certain that you can't "reset" that floating island to its original orientation (flip it over again) by stepping on the same pressure plate? I recall that, in a small number of places, I got to correct mistakes I'd made by resetting.

Suggestions only, I'm afraid - no real help from me on this one!!
6 years ago#5
Are you talking about the "island"place, where beyond it lies a rotating circle area? If so, there are several places where you need to touch plates to rotate it where the walkable area is on top. If the walkable area isn't on top, you missed a plate somewhere.
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6 years ago#6
There is another plate that you can access on the bottom of the first plate that I found quite by accident. I had to wall run over it and it did flip it back, but that side was covered with the red plague also, so I went back up and flipped it back to where it was. Is there another plate in that area that I missed? Hope so, that would solve this problem. Thanks for your help.
6 years ago#7
I found it! There are actually three plates you need to activate, only you have to start at the bottom and work up, otherwise it doesn't work. Thanks for the hint. I'm now at the third save fountain and going forward, very slowly, but at least forward. Boy, I think this challenge is the hardest so far. I have one more to go.
6 years ago#8
Heh, that challenge is the first one I went through when I played through the game my first time. It was awesome, although afterwards, all the rest of the challenges seemed a little less impressive by comparison. Just walking through the door for the first time, and seeing all that empty space and those floating islands... Damn, that was an awesome level. =D
6 years ago#9
How did you get through that portion after the third save fountain? I'm on the platform before the spinning pile of rocks and can't get through to the otherside where the fourth save fountain is located. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.
6 years ago#10
I don't remember all the details of the level, unfortunately. I might be able to help if you can give a more exact description, though.

Generally, if going straight forward won't be of much help, what you need to do is look around. Left and right, up and down, behind any obstacles... Study the surrounding terrain, and you should find some indication of how to progress.
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