product key where

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6 years ago#1
cant find it anywhere not on the case im completely stumped its pis.... me off.
6 years ago#2

There is a one page card with the Uplay logo on one side and the Prince of Persia on the other side. This card is enclosed inside the DVD case. The key is on the Prince of Persia side.

6 years ago#3
My retail has the product key on a scratchable surface on the front of the manual.
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6 years ago#4

When i buy the game for pc wasn't any product key in there.So now please someone give his product key juist to play and finish the game or when i complete 50% of the game.Please someone give his code-key to me.If someone whant a aircraft model free i will give him.The model is Mk.1 Tornado is plastic easy to make,so ho whant to make the deal?

6 years ago#5
Gee, what a deal, an aircraft model for a CD key.

Anyway, although I don't believe you, if you bought the game and there was no product key, take it back and get another one.
6 years ago#6
Indeed, its much faster just to go to the store you bought it from, yell at the manager and get a new copy.

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