Matt Tieger promised PC DLC in Kotaku interview

#1SabishiiPosted 7/2/2010 7:02:38 PM
This can be heard @16:35 on the podcast

"There'll be some way that we'll make that available to [the PC version]."

Making this known so that someone will be held accountable, or at least this can be tangible proof for a refund if you want it.
#2Oneiros1Posted 7/2/2010 8:08:11 PM
I heard that too, and I admit that he wants it, but it's my understanding that as the developer, High Moon doesn't get to call the shots as to who gets what. That's Activision's call as the publisher, and I think it's pretty well known now how poorly Activision thinks of the PC as a game platform.

How would you buy DLC for the PC version anyway? High Moon Studios doesn't have an online store. has an online store, with a sum total of EIGHT games from the 1990's, charging $19.99 for products nobody in their right mind would pay $0.99 for.

DLC for PC isn't happening.
#3Sabishii(Topic Creator)Posted 7/2/2010 8:21:08 PM
According to Activision support, it is up to the developer to create it:

"As far as T:WFC, I do not know if there will be DLC, that is up to the developer to create it."

I was trying to argue that Activision has a say in patching games, but I don't remember which other games it did not permit the dev to patch. I could only find Rock Band through Google and Activision says that was due to a "legal issue."
#4Oneiros1Posted 7/2/2010 9:21:51 PM
Don't get me wrong, nothing would make me happier than to find out I've been talking about my ass, I just don't see us getting any DLC down the road. In my opinion, no established method of selling it + only 500 players online at any given time = not worth the trouble.
#5godwavePosted 7/3/2010 1:09:14 AM
Arent these characters already on the discs? Well at least the console versions im sure.
#6RaingnaPosted 7/3/2010 2:35:51 AM
They can do what was done with Fallout 3; Selling retail "Expansion packs" with several of the DLC packs at once.

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#7Sabishii(Topic Creator)Posted 7/3/2010 10:04:34 AM
The point of this quote is not just for DLC, but that it can be used to show that PC support was implied. I like Tieger, and I'd much rather harp on Activision, but this is the most substantial and specific piece of evidence I can find to support the PC version of the game.

Since I bought this version from Steam, I sent this email to Steam support:

I am requesting a refund for this game for SEVERAL reasons.

One, Matt Tieger of High Moon Studios promised that the PC version would receive the DLC available to the consoles.

This can be heard @16:35 on the podcast

"There'll be some way that we'll make that available to [the PC version]."

Instead, this has not occurred. In addition, there was a patch to the console versions of the game that

Secondly, the game is missing MANY essential features that are implicit in any game's features. That the missing features was not told upfront to the customer is an ethical lapse to a major degree.

A list of some, but not all of the issues are:

*Lack of chat, both text and voice
*Lack of anti-cheat.
*Lack of the ability to vote-kick and vote-ban players.
*Host Kick Mechanism
*Unable to modify .ini files
*Lack of keymapping
*30 FPS limit
*Lack of host migration

If I am not issued a refund, I am likely not to buy a game from Activision and/or Steam again.

Thank you,

Do I really want a refund? No. I'm over-exaggerating for the purpose of getting attention. Getting everybody's voice out is the only way to somehow get support for the PC version of the game. The other method of boycotting would more likely than not hurt the game by destroying the multiplayer community.
#8RaingnaPosted 7/3/2010 10:46:19 AM
So you actually expect them to have the DLC out within the next day of stating they WOULD LIKE to bring it to PC Gamers?

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#9Sabishii(Topic Creator)Posted 7/3/2010 10:59:43 AM
I expect them to offer news of what's going on, not silence.

I expect them to support their game.

I expected chat, anti-cheat, the ability to modify ini files, and the lack of a 30 fps limit

OR honest, upfront statements saying that those features would be missing, before I bought the game.
#10Sabishii(Topic Creator)Posted 7/3/2010 11:01:51 AM
At the bare minimum, they should state their position on PC support clearly right now, because they definitely made comments favoring PC support before the game was released.

Otherwise, they should have said "no comment" to any questions regarding the PC version of War For Cybertron.