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This game is a love song to batman..its so amazing (Archived)TierDal611/29/2011
Low vs med vs high? (Archived)Fibblefish411/29/2011
$25 again on Origin for Monday (Archived)pouTHEstampede611/29/2011
I need some serious help, where are the video options, cant change my resloustio (Archived)xavieris1984611/29/2011
Sound Issue (Archived)Wario_man111/29/2011
game completation (Archived)bob_geldof221111/29/2011
Problem Installing batman arkham city PC retial release (Archived)big_orc611/29/2011
new nvidia beta drivers 290.36 (Archived)Pokestunts1011/29/2011
Am I having performance issues cause of dx11 physx thing or something else? (Archived)toromlo311/28/2011
Can i5 2400+ GTX 560 1gb max this @ 1080p, 60 fps? (Archived)
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I dont understand why im having horrible performance (Archived)
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costume change on first playthrough? (Archived)iDIVIDEBYZER0211/28/2011
who's that shadow figure in cutscene? (minor spoiler) (Archived)coolo_x811/28/2011
Really, Batman?!? (Spoilers) (Archived)jayzr511/28/2011
Animated Catwoman (Archived)reizoryuu311/28/2011
Physx day 1 update? (Archived)Keaze_811/28/2011
Question about Xbox Live and Windows Live (Archived)Neutiquam_Erro411/28/2011
Whose the girl in the exhibit at the museum? (spoilers, maybe) (Archived)OldDirtyCR311/27/2011
Im having problems when I enable Direct X 11... (Archived)QUIK311/27/2011
batman beyond ? (Archived)Fsas_drummer811/27/2011
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