How do you get Hokage Naruto?

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6 years ago#1
I cant see Hokage Naruto in the list of Unlockable characters in the Cheat section.
Do i need to beat the story to get him or can i get him by getting a certain amount of SP points?
6 years ago#2
Go to Mount Myoboku and pray at the statue in Ma and Pa's house.
6 years ago#3
Ok thank you i will do that when i get there.
6 years ago#4
its only an alternative outfit for sage naruto but its really cool
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6 years ago#5
A frog outside Hokage mansion.
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6 years ago#6
You can get it from a frog too?
6 years ago#7
I mean the frog you talk to outside hokage mansion will take you to mount myoboku.
SymphonicRain suspended again for my Naruto video.
6 years ago#8
Ok im only at the rescue Gaara arc right now.
6 years ago#9
You checked the cheats section and didn't see at the very top it says how to unlock Hokage Naruto?.. Me thinks you fib.

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