Naruto and the Kyubi's chakra

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6 years ago#1
Hi good friends of the forum.

Could you please explain me something

So Minato sealed half of the Kyubi's power inside naruto right?! And where is the other half? If it was sealed with the Dead Demon Seal it will NEVER be available to Naruto or whoever again right?

Its very confusing because when Naruto talks to the Kyubi it never said : ohh i only have half my power or something like that. It acts like he was full,complete right?!

Also why did Naruto seal the body of the Kyubi ? It was suppose to fully control it like KB right?

Thanks a lot for helping me to understand those 3 question and sorry for so many "right" ahah

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6 years ago#2
To answer your question. Remember when Kushina stated that she would take the fox down with her? Well the fox would restore itself, creat itself from nothing to something. Half the fox power was sealed inside Naruto, but it would one day gain full power back once it is fully released again, just like Killer Bee does when he transforms. So once Naruto learns how to completly let the ox out, he will be able to gain it's full power.

Naruto locked the fox away, but the seal used to do so allows him to take chakra when he wants. The fox has no control rather or not if he wants to give Naruto chakra anymore.
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6 years ago#3
(Spoilers, as the TC forgot to mention)

Like Minato said, he couldn't possibly seal the full power of the Kyuubi into Naruto. If that's because he's too young or that the seal Minato can use isn't strong enough, we don't know. It may also be that Naruto doesn't have the special chakra Kushina and Mito had (as we can see, Kushina's chakra was insanely strong - being able to restrain the Kyuubi's full manifested power while she was moments away from death) thus making controlling all the chakra an impossibility for Naruto.

As for why he had to seal the body of the Kyuubi - it's probably because the Kyuubi is still filled with hate and malice towards Naruto, while the Hachibi within Killer Bee is on better terms with his host.
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6 years ago#4
So what you're saying is that because the Fox is pure Evil Naruto can never fully control it like KB ?
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6 years ago#5
It's not so much control - it's that he can't be 'friends' with it. Killer Bee gets perks from his Bijuu (like having him snap Killer Bee out of genjutsu) simply because the Hachibi likes Killer Bee. Unless Naruto gets the fox to like him, he'll never have that kinda relationship with his Bijuu.
If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.

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