Naruto vs Goku....

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6 years ago#11
hm I need to look that up...

also if he does have his tail and naruto grabs it then its game over and naruto can make a hundred? of himself so.. hmm...
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6 years ago#12
No it's true without the tail they are weaker. Vegeta or Raditz mention it when they fight Goku, about how all Saiyans have tails, and cutting it makes you weaker. Also kid Goku has nimbus, he can fly around, a badass pole that stretches to infinity, and kamahamha. Kid Goku owns every Naruto character ever.

Also SS4 Goku versus fully maxed out Naruto isnt a fair fight. Goku would rip him nasty. Goku is one of the most powerful characters in anime. he dies and he'll just come back to lif. Goku is way to powerful.
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6 years ago#13
I don't think it is a fact as Vegeta actually gained power after he lost his tail due to a zenkai. And which Naruto are we talking about exactly? I'm gonna say he would be able to maybe defeat Sage Mode Naruto. If not Sage Mode then I would say most definitely base. We haven't seen what SSJ Naruto can do yet so he shouldn't be included.
This is Kid Goku before Roshi right?
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6 years ago#14
Lol, Its not just Goku, Its the whole DBZ series.
I bet RADITZ could rip apart Naruto nasty.
6 years ago#15
Goku doesn't have the Kamehameha. The parameters of the VS topic were that Goku hasn't received any training past what Grandpa Gohan gave him before the beginning of the series.j

And regarding fully-upgraded Naruto VS fully-upgraded SS4 Goku, Naruto could just use the Shiki Fuujin (if he learned it) and end it at that.
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6 years ago#16

Sage Mode Naruto vs Gohan trained Kid Goku? Naruto would win.

6 years ago#17
Gohan trained goku? yea thats essentailly fighting a 4 year old with ridicuous power vs Naruto whose been trained for like what was it 2 or 3 years with one of the best ninja ever. that's not a fair fight.

Also the discussion about him using the Dead Demon seal to kill Goku ss4.. it didn't kill Oro, and if goku dies, he comes back to ife with the dragon balls. If you want to go fully trained goku vs fully trained Naruto Goku is omnipotent by the end of the series. he goes off to train with the dragon and basically becoming a God. So fuly trained goku whips Naruto. Even though I'd say SS1 or SS3 would beat Naruto fully trained.
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6 years ago#18
Goku after Roshi's training would beat Naruto and anyone else in the series. Raditz is over kill for the Narutoverse.
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6 years ago#19
Can you guys wrap it around your heads that even RADITZ could whip Naruto.
6 years ago#20
Hercule could roflstomp Naruto.

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