Ino and Sakura and Tsunade and Hinata and Tenten

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Write the first thing that came to your mind when you saw the title.

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cuttin_in_town posted...

That WAS the first thing I thought >_>
I know Tsunade and Ino are useful _ (I love this newly found face)

Sorry, meant to edit :/
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They are all worth something at different times.

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Oh yea and Karin, add her to the title. =D.

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Sakura I'll give you, but Hinata and Tenten?
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Give what, Hinata gave her life to save Naruto, and shes pretty good looking. Tenten is pretty worthless, but shes also nice, and hot.

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I stopped after reading "Ino" and proceeded to rofl from there.
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Ino: Kinda sorta helped save Team 7 in the Forest of Death. Found where Kakuzu and Hidan were. *spoilers* Played a massive part in the sealing of Kinkaku. Saved Chouji and Shikamaru by both knocking Chouji out of Asuma's attack range, and then using both Chouji's body and Zetsu's bodies to taijutsu Asuma to a standstill before he was eventually defeated by Butterfly Chouji. *end spoilers*

Sakura: Nothing in part one. Part two - saved Kankuro's life. Was integral in the defeat of Sasori. Saved Karin's life. Saved however many people as a medical ninja. Oh, and she was the only one at the entrance to the Akaktsuki base with strength enough to get past the boulder. Without her they would've milled about outside forever.

Tsunade: Beat up Orochimaru. Saved Naruto's life. Saved Lee from having to give up on being a ninja. Saved Kakashi and Sasuke from a life in bed by healing the mental damage caused by Tsukiyomi. Saved Chouji's life after he used the pills. Saved a massive number of people during the Pain invasion.

Hinata: Acted as a catalyst for the Kyuubi's rage and Naruto's power, saving Naruto from a position where he was basically ****** - pinned to the ground and unable to escape from Pain by himself.

Tenten: Helped unlock the seal on the Akatsuki base's door. If she hadn't been there, several things could've happened. If Sakura had gone, Chiyo would've been killed by Sasori and Gaara would've stayed dead forever. If Chiyo had gone, Sakura would've been killed by Sasori and Naruto, upon hearing about it, would've gone full Kyuubi and destroyed the world. If Naruto had gone, Kakashi would've had trouble with Deidara and may have lost his life, and would certainly have not got Gaara's body back. If Kakashi had gone, Naruto would've been blown up multiple times over. So, yeah, fairly useful there. Apart from that, nothing.

Edit: Oh, and the newly added Karin: Saved Sasuke's life. Helped locate Bee (if she hadn't he would've just run off and their mission would've epically failed). Found Danzo. Healed Sasuke before his fight with Danzo. Healed Sasuke before his breif scuffle with Kakashi. Is the reason Sasuke eventually defeated Danzo, though inadvertently.
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My first reaction to the title is ''oh great.Another ''girls in Naruto suck'' topic.geez,give the girls a break.''