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6 years ago#1
how do you finish this quest? i did the encounter on the road, and talked to the person at my keep, and the merchant from the silverite mine was there, but the quest says i still need to find more.
6 years ago#2
Did Mistress Woolsey give you your reward?

If she did, the quest is as done as it's possible to be, no matter what it says in your log.
6 years ago#3
no, i can't get the reward either. are there more merchants to find or is my game bugged?
6 years ago#4
Did you actually initiate the quest before meeting Lilith on the road? Because that random encounter spawns even if you didn't talk with Mistress Woolsey. If you got the encounter out of sequence, the quest will never finish properly.

You absolutely must initiate that quest before you first journey outside the Keep.
6 years ago#5
i did initiate it before meeting lilith, but i didnt initiate it before leaving the first time.
6 years ago#6
Ah, well, I think your save is bugged.

Oh, and be sure to tell Varel to protect the trade routes, when you have that option, otherwise the merchant at the Keep may not restock, despite your having finished the Trade Must Flow quest.
6 years ago#7
U have to finish 2 areas then go back to vigils keep. I finished the woods and had the same problem as u. But as soon as I finished the dwarf area, came back to vigils keep and entered the throne room, I got the triggered response from woosley and the quest finished. Maybe that is also required.
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