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6 years ago#1
hey everyone,

I don't have this game yet ( thinking of getting it today ) I was just curious about a few things.....

1. If I want to start a brand new character, will I be able to choose from the origin/class combos from DAO, in addition to the new Origin?

And, if I choose one of the original class/origin combos, does the game start just like in DAO, or will I get to see a "new" origin, or does it just kind of start where the Awakening story starts ( same for all origins )?

2. If I play Awakening, is it an entirely separate game? Or, will I be able to play the DAO story as well?

I've never bought or played an expansion pack before.......


These next 2 questions may contain spoilers from DAO and Awakening.....

3. In DAO, I know that you can become queen if you play as a female human noble.

If you import a character who became queen in DAO, are you addressed as such in Awakening? Does it affect the story at all?

4. Finally, I haven't seen much about the new Orlesian origin. Could someone please briefly sum up the new origin, without being too spoilerish? Like just the basic outline for the new origin.

And, with the new origin, can you play it with all of the races and classes?

6 years ago#2
1: If you make a new character, you make a character just like you did in Origins, just starting off at level 20, I'm guessing.
2: It's a stand-alone expansion. It is it's own game.
3: No idea.
4: There is NO new origin for a created character for this expansion. You just make the character and start playing the game.
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6 years ago#3
ok, thanks! that sense, it's more like the Mass Effect games, where you choose your "background" ( race, gender, class ), but you don't actually play the background/origin ( as in DAO ) just start right into the story........

6 years ago#4
To the mattresses.
6 years ago#5
1. Yes the Mass Effect "background" analogy is pretty accurate. You don't get to play the new origin. You just start the game in the same way as everyone else and some characters react to you differently throughout the game. You can choose any race or class though except for Dwarf Mage.

2. It's a stand-alone story.

3. If your the queen then Alistair will still be your husband and you will be the queen. It doesn't effect much though. Most people will still refer to you as the Warden Commander though, I guess because your "On the job".
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6 years ago#6
thanks. just picked this up yesterday and started playing it. At first, I created a new character and played through the story a bit.

However, I realized that it would prob be better to complete DAO first and then import that character to continue on in Awakening.

Some questions on importing a DAO character....

1. When I import a character, will that character still retain his/her appearance, skills, talents, etc.?

2. Will I have a chance to modify that imported character's appearance, stats, skills, and talents at the outset before the game starts?

Or will I be stuck with the original appearance, talents, etc.?

3. And, will my imported character still retain the same weapons, armor, items, etc. that she currently has in DAO, and start Awakening with those?

6 years ago#7
You will not be able to change anything about your imported character at first. Though later you can buy tomes to respec them entierly to what you want. You can never change you apperance though. Also you keep all your stuff from Origins except DLC items(except RTO items you can keep those but only those).
6 years ago#8
hey, thanks for explaining that.

in that case, since I've just started over with a new character in DAO, I'll be sure to really pay attention to how I build her in terms of stats, specs, talents, etc.

btw........I noticed when I went back to play DAO after Awakening, all the of the specs I had unlocked were gone!! :(

has anyone else had that happen to them?
6 years ago#9
Eh? I had the opposite happen, I got specializations in Origins I did not have after playing Awakenings(not the Awkanings ones I got reaver). That is very strange, hope it is not yet another glitch.
6 years ago#10
There are Manuals you can buy for at least Blood Mage and Reaver at the bar in Amaranthine.
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