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6 years ago#1
I'm just wonder what you think the 'cannon' ending of Awakening would be. Most games, even ones with choices like this (and most other Bioware games) still have what's considered cannon. This is especially true for the KotOR series as it has to fit a niche in the legacy, but you can usually tell what choices are kind a game.

For example, I think the cannon end to DA:O involves a male warden (I'm picturing the dude with the tats we see in the trailers) being the one to impregnate Morrigan while convincing Alistair to take the throne through marriage to Anora, after which the warden leaves to find Morrigan. Whether this is before or after Awakening I have no idea.This just feels right to me for a few reasons - the main one being Morrigan gets preggo either way, so it's obviously going to be important to DA2. It's more involved if it's by you, as well as the many opportunities you have to mention you're going after her. There are also several points at which you can suggest Alistair and Anora marry, and her experience plus his reluctance being reiterated tells me the combination is best, but Alistair's importance throughout the game (as well as the almost absent acknowledgement if he dies) tells me he should survive and be made king.

SOOOO, I'm trying to decide on this playthrough what to do with the Architect to have the best outcome game-wise in DA2 (this is assuming, of course, you're transferring from Awakening which I'm sure you'll be able to). In my first I let him didn't seem right to kill a completely sentient being trying to reason with me, darkspawn or no. In the end it told me he seemed to keep his word - I even let his little grunt live and it told me ended up helping people in his travels! Although he may or may not have been inadvertently spreading pestilence along the way. I can't decide this time what the game wants me to do, unlike in DA:O where it seemed pretty clear.
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6 years ago#2
And I do want to repeat that yeah - I know in games like these there's no real 'cannon' but I'm sure you've all felt those little hints while playing, when the game wants you to go a certain way.

And also, I'm not playing straight cannon, either. I'm a female, play as one and make damn sure I marry that hottie Alistair and become Queen. That's MY cannon, but still not what I think was intended. "Intended" being used loosely, of course.

Oh, and apparently they're making a DA:O anime full length movie, so one way or another we'll see what the writers consider cannon, anyway.
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6 years ago#3

I think dragon age was written for a female human noble.

alister is basically the first person you meet and the most involved character in the story.

plus if you make him your LI you are basically forced to lie to him to sleep with morrigan if you want to save him since he won't let you kill the dragon and sacrifice yourself otherwise.

so there's more of a personal conflict to the story ending about love and sacrifice.

whereas playing as a male it was kind of a no-brainer just to sleep with morrigan so I was her LI as well. Even when I chose to marry the queen it's not like we'd even done anything and morrigian was going to leave regardless so it didn't feel wrong.

6 years ago#4
It was obviously written for a male human noble. They always have to make sure the canon story is the most boring and cliched one. A female as the main hero? They will never let that happen.
6 years ago#5
what about the Exile in KotOR 2? The cannon was the female player.
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6 years ago#6
plus if you make him your LI you are basically forced to lie to him to sleep with morrigan if you want to save him

Actually, you can be right up front with him and tell him not only does he have to sleep with her but this will also produce some kind of freakydeaky old god baby. Although he doesn't react too well, he does it regardless and even jokes about it in the epilogue. Also, you can save him by keeping him out of your party in the end and allowing yourself to be the sacrifice since he isn't there to stop you.

But again, the one thing I AM sure of as being cannon is one of your party members is the one to impregnate Morrigan. And I have no doubt killing Loghain is also meant to be since he's such a dick and it can really traumatize Alistair if you make him a warden. And the game tried REALLY hard to create a bond between the PC (whatever the sex) and Alistair, so completely screwing him over in the end doesn't seen right. Heh...I don't think the writers would want for this character who's been through all this to end up a wandering drunk in the end.

But I like the idea of the game being meant for a human female noble - there is definitely more depth that way, and having played both sexes, every origin and romanced every character, the one romantic storyline with the most depth, no doubt, is with Alistair.
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6 years ago#7
The Exile is female? Where that come from? I read years ago Exile was light side male just like Revan. Though if this is true I give them a hell of a lot of credit. Anyway I like the female noble story far better(I am a sucker for happy endings). If I had to have a male lead I'd rather it be a human mage.
6 years ago#8
yes, the cannon is male Revan and Female exile.

of course I played them both female ;)
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6 years ago#9
That goes without saying of course.
6 years ago#10
male human noble for sure.
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