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Dex + Cun Dual Dagger RogueMurcielagoNoble110/9 3:35PM
Best gear/spells for level 30 Arcane Warrior/Blood Mage/Battlemage? ..(Spoilers) (Archived)LordManiax18/27 8:41PM
equipment carry over (Archived)JediWatchmen15/1/2014
With minimal spoilers what is the best order to do things in this game? (Archived)Pheonix_Dragon33/22/2014
About the Warden (Import Save Data) (Archived)rakibato111/3/2012
So, "Mom"... (spoiler) (Archived)Carynara37/6/2012
Coercion (Archived)Kalphoenix12/21/2012
Why does my Warden have a "Gangsta' Lean?" (Archived)NorskeMan19/21/2011
If anyone is having trouble figuring out how to give gifts (Archived)ClagiusClanlor28/23/2011
Gifts always give +5? (Archived)spankythesloth28/21/2011
A question about the Brewing Conspiracy quest. (spoilers) (Archived)ClagiusClanlor28/17/2011
Respec'ing? I know about the book (Archived)Eradicator_Z28/10/2011
Silverite Mine Bug (Archived)spankythesloth27/23/2011
Norway Massacre Done By Anders?! (Archived)ZhouTaiROCKS17/23/2011
is awakening worth buying? (Archived)lordflare587/22/2011
Importing from Awakening to Golems/Witch-Hunt (Archived)InigoCarmine27/13/2011
If only there was a way to import the dead Warden's choices... (Archived)WarGreymon7717/13/2011
I fully upgraded the Vigil's Keep, got the Enduring Vigil achievement, but... (Archived)Vicaris46/20/2011
Ohgren Family Man - Approval over 80, how to initiate final conversation? (Archived)Krioni26/7/2011
Phew Questions (Archived)nankura26/3/2011
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