!!!Take off your gear before entering silverite mine *major bug*!!!!!

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  3. !!!Take off your gear before entering silverite mine *major bug*!!!!!
6 years ago#1

Take off all your characters armor before entering Silverite Mine which is in wooded area on map. After you enter mine you get captured and they take all your armor! You get it all back (or are supposed to) by killing experiment guys that are wearing your gear, there are *supposed* to be 4 experiments to kill so u get all your characters gear back but guess wat...


to explain further there is bug that causes 4th experiment guy to not always spwn so hence i lost all my main characters gear, which was best armor in game that i had just gotten. I am so pissed right now, i managed to load old save but basically lost about 3 hours of gameplay all down the drain.

Grrrrr going to play through again and take off gear before entering mine so i dont lose it this time.
6 years ago#2
Um, pretty sure he always spawns with your gear. You probably just didn't find him.

Or show video proof of this happening.
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6 years ago#3
Other people reported the problem in this thread, too:
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6 years ago#4
keep this bumped. I have seen this happen, 4th experiment spawns with no gear.
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6 years ago#5
lol i laugh at you, in dragon age origins, you should always save b4 entering a new room or place. You never know what will happen. Of course you will lose your gears. You walked in naked therefore the dude couldn't find your gears to give the 4th test experiment. Its your own fault
6 years ago#6
I got this bug as well. Sometimes the guy with the main character's equipment just doesn't spawn.
6 years ago#7
This happened to me too. I was very sad to see that I did not have a save prior to entering the mines.
6 years ago#8
thanks for the heads up. This mine is in the wending woods right?
6 years ago#9
F5 is your friend I quick save before zoning into anything. Saved me from a couple random crash to desktop and nasty battle deaths.
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6 years ago#10
ya i quick save alot but not main save much (i do now of course), and of course all the auto saves had overwritten anything from before mine by the time i figured out gear was gone (at end of mine). But yes it is a major bug that many people have gotten, was just warning everyone so u dont have to go through hastle, im about to enter mine, i took off all my characters gear and put crap gear on them so i keep all my good stuff in inventory :)
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  3. !!!Take off your gear before entering silverite mine *major bug*!!!!!

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