Setting up the joystick

#1GRoss_1Posted 1/24/2010 4:42:37 AM

I have played a few flight simulators before this one and have never had any problems with my Logitch 3D Pro Extreme joystick - I would just set up the control how I would in the settings and thats it. I am having problems in Wings of Prey DEMO I just got off STEAM - I don't quite understand how to set up custom controls, all that I seem to be able to do is choose from different joystick layouts, non of them being my joystick. When I do that, the plan will just keep turning to the left 8S

So advice please?

#2Malkovich_Posted 1/24/2010 3:35:55 PM
There's more than one controls menu in the options menu. You have keyboard controls, and stick/throttle controls in another menu. Just re-asign whatever you want. Keep in mind though that no custom layouts can be saved, that's right, every time you exit the game your controls will be deleted and you'll have to re set them all over again the next time you start the game.

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This I also found rather annoying. The axies you have to setup with the joystick are located in the devices, under control menu. I'm not sure why but I found myself having to invert the elevator and throttle controls, just to make them operate as a plane should.

The most frustrating part about using the joystick, at least with the demo is that I have to re-map them every time I open up the program for some reason. Which is another reason why I probably won't be getting the game.

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Ahh yeh, thats the problem - have to re-set them every bloody time I play the demo, which is idiotic. Also I know that this is not the right thread now, but Ill say it anyway - I'm unimpressed. The game looks and sounds great, but plays pretty crap and is definitely not for people who enjoy games like IL-2, Lock-ON and flight simulator, since even on REALISTIC setting you've got unlimited ammo and really stupid mission setup, like the 2nd demo campaign mission - unclear and rather stupid objectives under those circumstances. Was gonna get the game, I don't think I am anymore .... too arcady 8(
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Oh yeh and trimming doesn't seem to work
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Yep, it's nothing more than an arcade game dressed up to look like a sim. It actually could have been decent if it wasnt for the 1-bullet-and-you-go-boom damage models, and the horrible brown filters and desaturated colors. Real life does not look like that. As for the trimming, I could never get the separate trim buttons to work on realistic, and on sim you have a different one-button trim system that is completely wrong for a fixed-wing aircraft. Only helos have that. I dont know what they were thinking putting that in there.