omg yes

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User Info: RemixV4

6 years ago#1
I have always wanted portable chess holy crap this will be the best game ever.
My life is now complete knowing I can play without other humans on a game I can easily get a freeware version of UNF UNF UNF.

Waiting on - Naruto Storm 2, AC:Brotherhood, Monster Rancher DS

User Info: the_jun

6 years ago#2
I came in here because I thought the game was called Absolute Cheese.
Why thank you, I do own a copy Of Battletoads and Action 52.
How about a hand for you mom; she's alright.

User Info: Asbeau

6 years ago#3
^ the devs should give up on the chess thing and do that instead
Think Once Post Twice

User Info: Ephemeral_Being

6 years ago#4
All hail Sheogorath!
Currently Playing NCU. Chocobo Farming!

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