laser blade findings

#1thesonburnPosted 5/4/2012 10:01:07 AM
Does not apply to quad/tank legs.

after messing around in test mode against the bipedal ac using various te blades, I've noticed some blades connect easier than others. The main two i used were the ULB-13/H and the Ultica for their ease of use and non demanding equip costs. I was able to hit the test ac more consistently with the ULB-13/H than a range spec ultica, with a difference of 11 range. I will split the te blades into two design styles: the sword (Ultica, Moonlight, LB44 series) and sawblade (ulb-13 series, ko-4t5, usaschyei)

I then noticed that the ULB-13/H and the Ultica have different angles at which the blade protrudes out when activated, with the former being parallel with the ac's forearm and the latter at around 90 degrees. It may seem like just aesthetics, but the ULB-13/H is able to hit opponents on the opposite side of which it is held as soon as the ac begins swinging the blade because its starting point is directly to the side of you PERPENDICULAR TO THE CAMERA ANGLE. The Ultica takes about another second to actually hit, and it will miss opponents to the side of you because the angle of the blade has it pointed about PARALLEL TO THE CAMERA ANGLE. As such, the enemy has more time to avoid the attack.

so why is this important? with the ULB-13/H, you can have the enemy offscreen and directly to the side and still hit him, where the Ultica will not.

TL,DR; ULB-13/H scores hits easier than the ultica despite the description.
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Interesting find! Thanks for the post!
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Further clarification on the te blade types

Handsaw - the blue flames appear straight forward from the base of the weapon. There are a few that even look like one (ex: ulb-13/h)

Sword - the blue flames appear upward at about a 70 degree angle. They generally appear to look like one too. (ex: ultica)

For those interested, you want to try to position your ac to the side of the opponent in such a way that the blade activates right on top of them. This essentially doubles the damage (I get around 15-18k damage on the biped test ac with a 6k damage ulb/13/h)

You can use any of the 'handsaws' and do this.
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