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3 years ago#1
Why do y'all feel the need to play so soft? 2 pulse cannons, 2 snipers, and a map filled with Vertical missles and y'all still wonder why no one wants to play you? You preach on the forums about not using OP weapons, yet you bring 2 pulse cannons, load the map with OP turrets and sit in the back. When y'all invade us its over in 5 mins by mech destruction, but we invade you its 9 mins of sitting and waiting because y'all are too afraid to actually fight mech v mech. Let me know when y'all replace those beating vaginas you have for hearts and stop drinking breast milk out of your sippie cups and step your game up and fight us mech v mech.
3 years ago#2
This could be entertaining to read.
I'm so happy I could just tear out your intestines and strangle you with them! -Sheogorath
3 years ago#3
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3 years ago#4
I think I was in that fight. We had to wait like 7 min before you guys even made it over the dunes. You DO realize that the offense needs to ATTACK right? We only need to defend our helicopters.
The defending team shouldn't need to fish you out of your spawn just to get a fight. Especially when you hide in the back corner with a sniper cannon, just to run out of bounds when we finally get close enough to kill you.
"Riot Shield is like a mini bonus game if you see someone with a shield you-just-have-to fight-him." -- knightimex
3 years ago#5
lol look how salty this kid is.
3 years ago#6
PANDEMONlA posted...
map filled with Vertical missles.... load the map with OP turrets.....

CIWS exists for a reason
3 years ago#7
vag's are like oysters, get a little sand in em and they produce a pearl, looks like K.O.A's enemies are gonna be makin necklaces here soon.
3 years ago#8
hahaha ^
And ya, ciws for the missles, howitzer tanks for the pulse tanks.
3 years ago#9
So much salt. Cry more.
--- Squad: K.O.A.
3 years ago#10

From: KagoJunichiro | #003


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