FWC-2010, Demo Impression, Goalkeeper & Defenders are weaker than Fifa10

#1mr_marafiPosted 4/10/2010 5:02:54 PM

After playing around 50matches with my friends personally and watching my friends playing some other 100 matches approximately, I really wish the goalkeaper & the defenders are not the same as how they are in the demo.

Disadvantages of FWC-2010 in my point of view:

1-Most attackers have the advantage to passdefenders when collidingunlike the solid defence in fifa10.

2- The AI for the attackers is samrter than the defenders AI, where attackershave good positioning& pass defenders easily which opens the play& get you face to face with thegoalkeeper.

3-You can score goals much easier than fifa10 when you are face to face with the goalkeeper. This makesme feel that it just better if there isn't a goalkeeper.

4- Every (4-mins!!!!)matchI played I scored from 3 to 5 goalswhich makes me really feel that there isn't a real challenge from the defenders and the goalkeeper. Once you get the sense of how to score goals you will never miss a singlescoring chance.

I wish EA don't ruin the work they did on their Fifa series, because it has really improved, and it's not the time to go back to the old Fifa which was really basic andeasy that was for kids.

In this message I have onlymentioned about the disadvantages I have noticed, so don't judge on this messagebecause there are really good advantages and improvements in the game.

I would liketo read other peoples' feedbacks of the game. Thanks

#2hhhklonPosted 4/10/2010 8:47:55 PM
I haven't played the demo yet, but I remember something like that happening in the Demo for FIFA 10, where the goalkeepers would have an overall rating of about 65, hopefully this is the case again where they dumbed down the AI
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