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ok so... (Archived)
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related data? (Archived)Hinatachan18111/11/2010
Should I buy This or DS Version? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
changing direction (Archived)NickyHeavenS611/11/2010
So what's Sting been doing? (Archived)
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Does anyone know if buying KitN from amazon will get you Yggdra Union? (Archived)Vincent_Core511/11/2010
Can somebody PLEASE tell me about THIS game and not Yggdra's Union....sheesh (Archived)Multiboy2k511/10/2010
whats new/been added (Archived)teddyleger311/10/2010
what games are in the in the yggdra universe? (Archived)strike_blade411/9/2010
who got the UMD but doesn't want the yggdra code? (Archived)Zephyer818111/9/2010
how will they give us the free game on PSN (Archived)NinjaGamer_23811/9/2010
so who got the yggdra union voucher? (Archived)Zephyer818811/9/2010
My Yggdra Union voucher code isn't working (Archived)soulofablade811/8/2010
Do I need to beat the other Dept. Heaven games to understand this one? (Archived)spikerosered211/8/2010
Enough about Yggdra Union! How is KitN itself? (Archived)Quiet_Noise211/8/2010
Yggdra Union? (Archived)Trevor_Belmont311/8/2010
Are you going to get this game? (Archived)
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Kind of disappointing... (Archived)HollowNinja511/4/2010
Price? (Archived)ragnorak9555310/31/2010
Is this going up on PSN? (Archived)Cat Astrophy210/26/2010
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